Descendants of Dutch colonists visit OAO Koks


OAO Koks was visited by the descendants of the founders of the Kuzbass Autonomous Industrial Colony, which was the start of the Kemerovo Coke Chemical Plant and the city of Kemerovo.

The Dutchmen's visit coincided with anniversary of the day, exactly 90 years ago, in 1921, when more than 650 foreign workers and specialists from 20 countries arrived in what was then the village of Shcheglovsk and founded the Kuzbass Autonomous Industrial Colony.

The delegation consisted of the grandchildren of the chairman of the management board of Kuzbass AIC, Sebald Rutgers and Yan Dirk, and Ilse Rutgers, and Marsela Fis-Mol and Eilko Mol, the daughter and grandson of colony engineer Koos Fis, and others.

The relatives of the colonists met with the managing director of OAO Koks, Sergey Dyakov. Sergey Nikolaevich told them about the plant's history, its development during the Soviet period, and the current state of the business. The guests from the Netherlands were interested in the details of coke production, solutions to environmental problems, cooperation with municipal government, and the company's social programs. Then, the guests viewed the «Plant Album» exhibit, which rare, old photos of the Coke Chemical Plant from personal archives, as well as illustrations of the current lives of plant workers. The children and grandchildren of Kuzbass AIC's founders were treated to an excursion to the major workshops, where they got a first-hand look at the coke production technology. The guests were excited and proud to be at the factory that their ancestors built just under a century ago. They were visiting OAO Koks for the first time, and admitted to being quite surprised, as they had not expected to find a company on a European level.